Lolly Jones


Here's a list of my previous Edinburgh Shows...




Orwell That Ends Well

Just the Tonic, Edinburgh Fringe 2017

★★★★ "Raucously funny" Fringebiscuit

★★★★ "Hilarious" The Avant Garde

★★★★ Mumble Comedy

Top 10 shows of 2017 - Funny Women awards


Lolly (Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe) explores our digital footprint in her third satirical stand-up show. How does Amazon know what we need before we do? How does Facebook predict our future friends?

Lolly became a fugitive on Channel 4’s Hunted to experience the public scrutiny of her internet search history but what does the government’s Snooper’s Charter mean for the rest of us? Funny Women finalist 2016.


Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon


Just the Tonic, Edinburgh Fringe 2016

‘Based on the six degrees of separation concept, all actors are said to be linked to Kevin Bacon in less than six steps. But, after acting with the man himself, would Lolly feel more connected to the world?

A tale of surprise associations, magic truffles and getting dumped by your f*ck buddy’.


I'm Thinking of Leaving Facebook

"Lolly is a proper punk...a blast to spend an hour with" The Scotsman

"A considerable writing talent" Three Weeks

"The kind of 'northern bitch' that all the posh southern rahs of politics really need to listen to" The Scotsman


Laughing Horse, Edinburgh Festival 2014

Kings Head Theatre, London 2014

Temping in ‘Sexminster’, Lolly fails to understand herself or any Prime Minister’s Question. Escaping on social media, an un-poked Lolly mocks our collective timeline.

Does food taste better if Instagrammed first? And is it acceptable to ‘Check in’ at a funeral?