Five Clues suggesting that Kate Bush was always Tory

Lolly JonesComment

Last week, Kate Bush described Britain's (unelected) Prime Minister as 'wonderful'.  She stated that Theresa May is the best thing that's "happened to us in a long time".  Yeah.  Along with Brexit, this current cold spell and untreatable gonorrhea.

It is easy to assume that artists are inherently left leaning but this is not always the case.  Remember when Britney endorsed George Bush?  Yolo.

Here I unveil five clues that point to Kate's lifelong allegiance to the Conservative Party.  I hope you'll agree that the results are pretty conclusive.

1)  Some might say that the Tories are making Britain rubs on purpose.  This is Kate Bush rubbing herself on a purpoise:

2)  In 1985, Kate Bush released Hounds of Love in which she found “a fox caught by dogs”.  As she was “ashamed of running away” it could be said that this was in opposition to Tony Blair’s stance on fox hunting...

In 2004, the then Prime Minister had suggested an amendment to the Hunting Act allowing licensed hunting to occur under stricter conditions.  

Tony Blair was Labour.  Labour don't like Tories.  Kate Bush does like Tories.

3)  I present to you Exhibit A:


4) In the song Wuthering Heights, Kate plays the character Cathy, begging Heathcliff to let her into his window.  This COULD suggest her support for the bedroom tax.  If Cathy was to be successful in her endeavour, she could live alongside Heathcliff in his council mansion and free up space for other council tenants looking to bed down in Yorkshire.

5)  And finally, look at Exhibit B:

I rest my case.  Jury adjourned.

Unfortunately for Kate who is about to release a live album, we are already running up that hill, for the hills, somewhere over the hill...anywhere to get us away from 2016; the year when everything good shrivelled up like an elderly, unused ballsack.