LOLLY does...a Spa & Glam Rock Tea

Lolly Does

How do you fix a broken heart?  In London?  In January? Near to impossible but you can certainly distract from it in the sanctuary of a spa (followed by artisan sandwiches and a sprinkling of Prosecco)! 

As ‘Thundersnow’ covered the rest of the country, I thought it best to stay in the city.  I chose K-West Hotel and Spa, located on a quiet, suburban street, just minutes away from the sprawling traffic of Shepherd’s Bush and the hustle of Westfield shopping centre. 

Along with Karina: my gal pal/shoulder to cry on/chick to clink glasses with,  we adorned our white robes and gorged on mint tea and fresh fruit.


It’s hard to believe this sanctum is slap bang in the middle of London.  It smelt like holidays.  We lounged in the Sanarium and talked of Thailand, soaked our toes in the foot spa and thought of our northern families, hemmed in by thunder weather.  Ah well!  Into the heated pool with epic Jacuzzi! 

After dipping into the Steam Room and Sauna, we empathised with Halifax and Scotland and the closed down schools of the Midlands by entering…the Snow Room.  Believe it!  A snow room in Zone 2!  

Snow Room

After a short spell of icy wonderment, we decided we were ready for some tasty food in the Kanteen (see what they did there)?!

We opted for the Glam Rock Prosecco Afternoon Tea, so called because the building used to be a BBC recording studio.  Even the great Bowie himself recorded here.  His portrait adorns the wall along with many others who lived and played nearby.  Our place settings were record sleeves and our coasters, miniature records.

The Signature tea was a smokey and peppery mix of deliciousness.  Karina also chose a red berry tea that was a bit too sweet for my savoury gnashers.  This was closely followed by a light, crispy glass of Prosecco and what I can only describe as a delectable banquet!


Three tiers of Glam Rock, taste sensation settled before our eyes.  I began with cream cheese and cucumber in a green roll.  And why not? 


We ploughed quickly through the Mature Cheddar on Walnut Bread and Coronation Chicken on Fruit and Nut Bread to reach the middle tier:  CAKES!  The Lemon Tart blew my socks off as did the chocolate brownie and of course, the clotted cream and strawberry compote on scones.  WOW!

Afternoon Tea

“Being single isn’t so bad” Karina proffered through mouthfuls of macaroon.   “He didn’t deserve you anyway”.  

At least I think that's what she said.  She was a little busy licking her lips and eyeing up the popping candy lollipops.

Either way, my broken heart didn't matter so much now.  I was in mint chocolate and marshmallow heaven.


With the ever increasing gentrification of London, I like how the K-West nods to its heritage in its artistry and themes.  As Soho is smothered by money men and the East End is dampened by skyscrapers, it is nice to see a place so willing to nurture its history. 

On the way out, we noticed a portrait of Amy Winehouse, guarding the hotel library.  She used to stay here when playing the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, her father once nudging her along as she chilled out with Pete Docherty, the crowd in the arena chanting for her arrival.

Amy WInehouse

I didn’t manage to cure my woes but I happily escaped my troubles for a few hours.  

Both the spa and afternoon tea are surprisingly reasonable and its added flair sets it apart from its contemporaries.  

I left feeling suitably refreshed, full to my core and perhaps even a little tipsy in the cold, night air.  I suppose I must have had too much red berry tea!

The K-West Hotel & Spa is situated in Shepherd's Bush, London.  More info here.