LOLLY East London Vintage Market

Lolly Does

Broadway Market is like a tiny lego village of perfect people; elegant beards and yummy mummys carrying dusty baguettes.  Even the buskers are well turned out, singing songs of mashed up melancholia.

Under the trilbys and bare ankle man-fashion is a barely beating but thriving cockney heart.   For those visiting London for a short trip, it is well worth a walk down the Regent’s canal into the throng of the old East End.  If you’re able to squeeze your way in, you will find a market still vibrant with style and eccentricity.  

It’s all here!  Fresh oysters, local cheeses, disco balls hovering above handmade meringues and children playing the trombone.

As a vegetarian, I failed to get on board with the organic meat fare but my mate Omid assured me the bacon at Le Swine was delicious (the sauce in his beard confirmed the enthusiastic consumption).

Tucked away in the Old Schoolyard is a personal favourite: Frockney Rebel Vintage.  Beginning as a shop on Cambridge Heath Road, the stall is now run by the one and only Debs:

Frockney Rebel

The pieces are individually sourced from across Europe with threads for both men and women:


My friend chose to warm her swede with a tasty Russian hat:

I went down the conservative route with an understated, floor length number:

Vintage Market

Whilst courting the height of local fashion, the price tags are more than reasonable.  Most of the jumpers are around £10/£12 and you’d be hard pushed to find anything over £40.  This is a welcome change from some of the prices on the main drag, (meaning extra change for Pinot in the Cat and Mutton)!

Coat: Models Own

Leather Rucksack: £15

Model: Lolly.  Price Negotiable

The great news is that Frockney Rebel Vintage is also online at Amazon Marketplace in case you can’t wait for the weekend.

I washed down the fun with a raw juice at Nood.  I chose a green juice containing kale, spinach, apple, celery, lemon and ginger.  This managed to cure my hangover and line my stomach for the next drinking session.  Wa-hey!  Rejuvination!


Broadway Market can be incredibly busy, with a bunch of individuals all disguised as the same human.  It has been gentrified unrecognisably since the days when, as a local I would top up my electric card, blending in in my threadbare dressing gown and slippers.

But the atmosphere is always buzzing, the smell of street food tantalizing and it remains one of the few places where you can order Prosecco on tap (at the Market Café).  

Broadway Market

Market every Saturday,  Info here.  

Nearest Tube: Bethnal Green.  Overland: Cambridge Heath.

Raw Juice by Nood.

Vintage Clothes by Frockney Rebel.