DOs and DON'Ts for MUNDUK, Indonesia

Only a two hour drive from tacky, tourist laden Kuta, Munduk sits amongst misty mountains and hidden waterfalls.  It is easy to get to but (if you are on a low budget) hard to leave.

  • DO take liquid supplies with you.  There is a distinct lack of alcohol in this tiny town. 

As an act of desperation, you may find yourself ordering Bali Wine.  You will then notice that the luminous pink liqueur bears no resemblance to wine and softly panic as each round becomes a darker pink and then purple (WHAT THE..?)  It also has a suspiciously thickening consistency as it nears the end of the barrel. 

Pass out.  Sleep.  Repeat.

  • DON’T let your driver charge you extra for a hotel drop off.  Munduk has one main road running through it.  Some minibus drivers will take you to the waterfall and charge extra for a ride into town.  This is illegal.  If you’ve paid for a ride into Munduk, they should take you to the main street.

  • DO eat roadside food.  As in most towns across Bali, the local restaurants serve up insanely tasty grilled fish, spiced vegetables and (sexy soy bean cake) tempeh.

  • DON’T expect to Skype your family.  This is ‘travelling’ in inverted commas.  I stupidly followed a sign for the town’s internet café, only to find an old wall and some hyperactive chickens. 

  • DO ask about the local bus service on arrival - the service is infrequent.  Taxis are available to order at most hotels but are far too pricey on a traveller’s budget.

  • DON’T get too close to the cliff edge.  Safety rails are a novelty in these here parts.


  • DO drink the sexy tea.  Huge teapots of hotch-potch magic – turmeric/ginger and lime being top of that list.


  • DO see the waterfalls.  No tour guide is needed as they are clearly signposted.  This is a lovely little jungle trek – being caught short on the mountain path; optional.


  • DON’T forget your insect repellent.  The mosquitoes are a little fruitier up here.  Note that even Deet will fail to repel the hillside snakes, lizards and wild, barking dogs.


Munduk is well worth a trip but unless you have a secret bottle of rum or an entire novel to write, two days is more than enough.